Article ID: MTJPAM-D-20-00030

Title: Euclidean Degree Energy Graphs

Montes Taurus J. Pure Appl. Math. / ISSN: 2687-4814

Article ID: MTJPAM-D-20-00030; Volume 3 / Issue 1 / Year 2021, Pages 89-105

Document Type: Research Paper

Author(s): Yate Shanthakumari a , Mariswamy Smitha b , Veerabadhraiah Lokesha c

aDepartment of Studies in Mathematics, Vijayanagara Sri krishnadevaraya University, Ballari, Karnataka, India

bDepartment of Mathematics, JSS Science and Technology University, Mysuru-570 006, India

cDepartment of Studies in Mathematics, Vijayanagara Sri krishnadevaraya University, Ballari, Karnataka, India

Received: 18 September 2020, Accepted: 15 December 2020, Available online: 7 January 2021.

Corresponding Author: Mariswamy Smitha (Email address:

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In this paper we introduce new energy of graph that is Euclidean degree energy. We obtain characteristic polynomial of the Euclidean degree of standard graphs and graphs obtained by some graph operations and also we characterize Euclidean hyperenergetic, nonhyperenergetic and borderenergetic graphs.

Keywords: Euclidean degree matrix, Euclidean degree polynomial and energy, Hyperenergetic graphs

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