Article ID: MTJPAM-D-21-00070

Title: Some new fractional Hilbert type integral inequalities

Montes Taurus J. Pure Appl. Math. / ISSN: 2687-4814

Article ID: MTJPAM-D-21-00070; Volume 4 / Issue 2 / Year 2022, Pages 18-27

Document Type: Research Paper

Author(s): Jichang Kuang a

aDepartment of Mathematics, Hunan Normal University, Changsha, Hunan, 410081, P. R. China

Received: 28 November 2021, Accepted: 13 March 2022, Published: 29 April 2022.

Corresponding Author: Jichang Kuang (Email address:

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This paper introduced the new notion of generalized fractional Hilbert type integral operators. The norm inequalities for these operators are established. The corresponding fractional Hilbert type integral inequalities with the best possible constant factor are also provided. The new work extends some previous work on Hilbert inequalities and opens a new direction for further study in this active domain of research.

Keywords: Hilbert type integral inequality, fractional integral operator, norm

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