For Authors

Information For Authors

Original manuscripts must be only submitted to the Montes Taurus Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (MTJPAM). In addition, manuscripts must not have been published before, and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. The language of manuscripts must be in English.

The author(s) are required to submit their manuscripts by sending an e-mail, including the PDF file of the manuscript and a cover letter to the editorial board, to the following e-mail address:

The LaTeX source-file(s) (see: will be exactly needed after the submitted paper has been accepted for publication in the MTJPAM.

The basic information that should definitely be included on the first page of the article are listed below:

  1. The first page should contain the full title in sentence case (namely to be involved capitalizing only the first word and any proper nouns). The title of the manuscript must be concise, descriptive and informative.
  2. The corresponding author must be specified. All authors’ full names and surnames (without any abbreviation) must be given separately.
  3. Affiliation, mailing address, and e-mail addresses of each author should be included into the manuscript. If any, the Orcid iDs of all authors should also be inserted into the manuscript, or the cover letter.
  4. The abstract should be written to include the main purpose, results, motivation and method of the article and should not exceed 300 words. In other words, the abstract should be organized to stay in the first page.
  5. 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC2010) numbers, involving the annual index associated with MathSciNet/Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt MATH (zbMATH).
  6. At most 8 keywords and/or phrases.

Other rules to be followed throughout the article are given as follows:

  1. The items in the reference section should be ordered according to the alphabetical order of the family names of the authors and numbered numerically as [1], [2],….
  2. Figures and graphics, if included, should be prepared suitable for photographic reproduction.
  3. The MTJPAM prefers graphics produced electronically and compiled in the EPS format.

Corresponding Authorship

Our recommendation, but not necessarily, the Montes Taurus Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics require to list authors’ surnames in alphabetical order. The use of alphabetical authorship is most common in mathematics. By the unique nature of mathematics, the MTJPAM does not consider the concept of the first author in mathematical papers, and the MTJPAM does not infer about the relative contribution made by the different authors of a publication.

In addition, the selection of corresponding author will be taken into consideration directly in the manuscript.

Assigning the article’s registration number and Reviewing Process

Assigning the article’s registration number:

As soon as the article is submitted to our journal with the title of the article and the cover letter including the authors, it is put into pre-evaluation. The article is examined and evaluated in terms of form and content by the relevant editors. After this result is approved by the editor-in-chief, the registration number of the article is assigned by the journal secretary to the article that seems appropriate within 1 week at the latest. This registration number is also notified to the author. After that, the editor of the article is appointed, and the peer review process begins.

On the other hand, articles that do not seem suitable are immediately directed to the author or sent back to the authors in the effort to make the necessary corrections and additions. It may be suggested to send the article again in accordance with the journal.

As for Reviewing Process:

(1) The article is sent to at least two Reviewers. The period given to the Reviewers is 75 days.
(2) After reviews from Reviewers are submitted their reports, the Managing Editor will make a final decision involving accepted for publication, minor revision, major revision and rejection. After that the corresponding author, but also all the author will be notified by email of Editor-in-Chief.
(3) Furthermore, papers approved for publication will be analyzed on the rules of Research Ethics, after which the author will also be notified.

There are two procedures for accepted manuscripts:

The first procedure: As soon as the accepted article is notified to the author, it is immediately added to the list of ACCEPTED PAPERS along with the article’s ID number.

The second procedure: In order to prepare the galley proof of accepted articles for publication, authors must submit LaTeX files written in the style of the MTJPAM and Copyright Release Form signed by the corresponding author. After the next process is prepared galley proof by the Publishing Editor, and the Technical Editor. After that the authors will receive only one galley proof for correction. No modification or corrections beyond corrections on minor typographical errors, and mistyping variables will generally be accepted once the galley proof is issue.  Authors will be asked to do them by giving 2 days (48 hours).

As soon as the galley proof will be received from the author, it is immediately added to the IN PRESS list along with the article’s ID number.

After the paper being added to the IN PRESS list, its authors are informed by an email including the link and PDF file of the paper, and after keeping the paper in the IN PRESS list (for possible extra corrections) for 7 days, the latest version of the paper is published by assigning to the forthcoming issue. No corrections can be made on the paper added to the forthcoming issue list.

Publication Charge

The Montes Taurus Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics is published at least twice a year and also this journal is free of charge.

MTJPAM operates under the Creative Commons Attribution license in International Version 4 (CC BY 4.0). This allows for the reproduction of articles free of charge with the appropriate citation information. All authors publishing with MTJPAM accept these as the terms of publication.


Beginning with the January 2019 issue, only electronic offprints will be available free of charge in PDF format that are printable and downloadable from the webpage “PAPERS (see:”, and no paper offprints will be made available.

Disclaimer regarding abstracting/indexing issue:

Online access to all issues and articles published in our journal has been provided to the indexing agencies/services (as presented on the web site of our journal). This depends on when, how and in what way the indexing agencies/services can index the papers or not. Therefore, we would like to state based on our previous indexing experience that we cannot predict the current or future indexing policies of third parties (i.e. indexing agencies/services) since they have the right to drop any journal at any time without prior information to the journal. For the reason stated above, please do not send any questions or expect any response from us on behalf of third parties (i.e. indexing agencies/services). Therefore, we would like to inform you that we will not issue any certificate or letter regarding indexing. The role of our journal is to provide only online access to indexing agencies/services, and we’re doing that role properly as much as we can. Hence, for the authentic information, please visit the website of the authorized indexing agencies/services.