Article ID: MTJPAM-D-20-00012

Title: SK Indices of Graph Operator S(G) and R(G) on few Nanostructures

Montes Taurus J. Pure Appl. Math. / ISSN: 2687-4814

Article ID: MTJPAM-D-20-00012; Volume 2 / Issue 2 / Year 2020, Pages 38-44

Document Type: Research Paper

Author(s): Harisha a , Poojakulangara Sankara Warrier Ranjini b , Veerabhadraiah Lokesha c

aGovt. PU College,Doddaballapur, Bangaluru Rural (D)

bDepartment of Mathematics,Don Boscco Institute Of Technology, Kumbalagudu, Bangaluru-56

cDepartment of Mathematics, Vijaya nagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Jnana Sagara Campus, Bellari-583105, Karnataka, India

Received: 7 May 2020, Accepted: 4 September 2020, Available online: 23 September 2020.

Corresponding Author: Veerabhadraiah Lokesha (Email address:

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In chemical graph theory the connectivity indices are applied to measure the chemical characteristics of compounds. In this paper, we compute the SK Indices of chemical structure graph operator subdivision graph S(G) and semi total point graph R(G) on certain important chemical structures like tetracenic nanotubes and tetracenic nanotori.

Keywords: Graph Operators, Topological Indices, Nanotubes

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